Leveling up: React and friends

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Week 1: This week began with the notion of the program suddenly being harder. I came to understand that the intensity has been the same since day one, my level of commitment has changed, it's grown. With that this new module felt like a kick in the head. It's all a lot to take in but I've found my testament, in trying times I remember the words of two instructors. The one Instructor who said, "what we're doing isn't writing code, we're translating code" and the other Instructor that advised us to "recognize the patterns". From all the quotes of guidance we've been given so far those two apply more with each module.

Somehow I've managed to take in most of what I've learned so far. Every week is a practice of try, tweak, repeat, adding on from the previous modules. Working with React this week was definitely a learning curve, I could not keep up in class after a certain point, I felt like I was gasping for air. I was crushed after dealing with API data in the previous module, found a way through, and now I'm being pummeled with hooks. But, it wasn't that bad. I started to see how the patterns from this week related to what I struggled with last week.

Photo: unsplash / Serrah Galos

When I took the time to re-watch class videos and really look at the code and translate what it was doing, I reached a better state. It's all functions, which is a relief because after seeing how class components work, I want to stay far away from "this." I got in seven pages of concise notes and I'm proud of that. I look forward to the work ahead and I feel like I'm army crawling into something intense but what's success without the struggle. And with that, I can come into next week with a better handle on react.

Week 2: If at first you don't succeed, use react. After this week I've noticed more patterns, one being that I can now use react to simplify a previous assignment. I originally assumed that working with API data would be the bane of my existence, however, I've endeavored not to let my lack of understanding something get me down. Let me be clear, I might not understand something in the allotted time, I'm not a quick study but I make use of the resources at my disposal. With that, reviewing the videos during this week, I realized that I was constantly looking for ways to use react on my capstone as well as in an effort to redo the aforementioned assignment. I'll be honest, I say I'm excited to learn and I am, but actually doing the work is something else entirely. Seeing the data come together on the page, taking chunks of info and gathering it into a component makes the work worth it. Call me crazy, but I also noticed similarities between sass partial files and components in react, there's a lot of import/export between them. Failure to compile errors aside, I enjoyed the work this week, even working through those errors was something I wouldn't been able to do three months ago. I feel as though I'm inching forward but seeing the areas I want to work on more, aided in making the challenges of this week manageable.

Week 3: I made the decision to start the week off by taking a day to catch up on React work. I had more than enough time off to do so but I wallowed in my own fears once again. I felt like React was getting the better of me but in truth, I allowed that to be. Due to the fact that I can't afford to wallow for too long, I'm beginning to accept the law of attraction, and speaking things into existence. With that being said, I'm going to manifest control over my ability to put in the effort.

In building an e-commerce site, I saw how much extra work is needed in react and I hated it but as I mentioned before it's not that hard. Just another self imposed limitation I have to get passed instead of sticking my head in the sand. So, I took the day, I took until Wednesday to catch up and I can say that I'm marginally better for it. I won't know the full extent of my knowledge of React concepts until I get into using it for myself and start seeing the patterns and moving parts on my own app.

Tying this module in a bow, I'm ready to implement react on my app, which I have and it's all starting to come together a bit more cohesive. I'm still hellbent on redoing the API homework assignment, but seeing how everything I've done can benefit from React, I'm putting in the work. It'll always be tough but doing more to be more is my objective.

The Marathon Continues…



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